#BlueThingTuesday #13 I Will Not Be Defeated

Has the world got you feeling down? Feeling defeated? I know I’ve felt that way in the past month and year. It reminded me of a song I wrote on my second album called “I Will Not Be Defeated”.  I made one of #BlueThingTuesday lyric videos and I hope you take some encouragement and strength […]

Mr. Gee Live with GameStack/We Just Love Games TONIGHT! Links and MOre

Come check out the show LIVE tonight 5:30 PST!! We Just Love Games livestream Gamestack Podcast   All the links from the show:  Live show link: https://www.twitch.tv/wejustlovegames   MY MAIN WEBSITE:   Instagram – @swguiles Mr. Gee Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mrgeewhiz Facebook – Steven Wesley Guiles – Musician (I will occasionally post to my personal profile, but I […]

Mr. Gee and Katie Dwyer Destroy the World With Awesomeness!

Katie Dwyer and Mr. Gee as Fortnite Characters

You can purchase the SPECIAL EDITION DIGITAL DOWNLOAD at Bandcamp. Purchase from Bandcamp: are high quality .wav, .flac, or .mp3 come with SIX EXTRA SONGS are available for download RIGHT NOW support the artist DIRECTLY When you buy the album from Bandcamp, we the artists get almost ALL of the money (minus a small fee […]