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we now have a myspace. it's cool an you can listen to our music AND meet exciting new people.

you can buy our cd online at by clicking on this baby head thing.

Download iTunes you could also buy it at itunes if you do that sort of thing.
welcome back!

it's been awhile, hasn't it?
the best place to get recent updates is to visit our myspace page
it's the most up to date thing and we actually can change it on a semi-regular basis.
we still have a christmas album that we'd love for you to hear
the myspace page also has downloadable songs from both of our albums...for FREE!!

the new fangled ways to buy it are to order it online using a credit card.
you can get it at if you want a physical copy of the cd (only 500 were made).
or if you care not for things of this world, and don't mind digital files only, you can buy it on iTunes.
you can also find our first album, tengo yellow pedal, at elephantman music. you've got to love that name.
email sguiles at hotmail dot com to order the album the old fashioned way using a check or cash.

bragging rights:

we were on npr's all songs considered (the online portion)!

several people have said nice things about our christmas cd...
"Friction Bailey's sophomore release is somber and beautiful."
"The vocals capture the innocence and sweetness of the holiday perfectly (especially when they harmonize together)." -The Phantom Tollbooth
"Subtle and sublime, Friction Bailey's seasonal album should serve as a piece of education to the mass-produced and canned Christmas music we're fed every single year. With haunting and beautiful lyricism and the sparse but impactful thread of instrumentation, this is a disc to spin not only over the holidays but any time you need a reminder just how beautiful life can be." Jason O'Brien