Cover of Coldplay’s Magic

This is a very sad but beautiful song.

I think I’ve captured that in this cover.  I love this song.  It’s so simple.  Basically D to E the entire time…this is in a drop C tuning.


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2013 Sound Reel

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Pull Down The Sun on The Mindy Project


So, a song I collaborated on with Pedro Costa is being used TONIGHT on The Mindy Project.  All I know is somewhere on the show The National will also be featured in the show.



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Vampire Weekend Cover With Chords

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New Song: While I Remain

Written for possible inclusion in a movie.

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SWG Song To Be Used In #1 Rated Friday Night ABC Show!!

battle hymn of the republic artwork2

So, it looks like a song I wrote and recorded and then forgot about is about to be on national TV! Yay for the internets.

The song, Battle Hymn of the Republic, is an arrangement of a classic abolitionist hymn by Julia Ward Howe. A short section of the song will be used in Christiane Amanpour two part series, Back to the Beginning. Also, this show is the #1 show on Friday nights. That’s nice too.

This song was mixed by the very talented Pedro Costa.

Pedro and I also created ANOTHER adaptation of a public domain song called Joshua Won the Battle of Jericho, which unfortunately we can’t post.  But, you CAN hear it on Friday night ABC, 8/9.

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First Song Written on the Ukulele

Bought a new ukulele at Claremont Folk Music Center.  I can’t recommend that place enough.  You need to go there and buy something.  Anything.

Here’s my first ever ukulele song.  I’m Gonna Have The Best Day.


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Beck’s Latest Album: Just Sheet Music. Your Thoughts?

But seriously, the artist formerly and currently known as Beck has created his latest album as sheet music only.  I mean, that’s kind of cool, but also not accessible to the average listener…

What do YOU think?



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Simon and Garfunkel Online Scrapbook…Yesssss!

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SWG Producer Garret Gengler Releases Solo Album

In case you didn’t know, Garret produced and mixed SWG’s last two recordings.  Here’s his latest EXCELLENT recording under the name Tomorrow Is Already Here.  The album is called Make Believe.

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