I’m Gone (feat. Angela Sheik)

Starting the year off right with a collaboration with the extremely talented Angela Sheik.  You can hear more of her amazing music on her website.  Check it out, yo.

The entire song was written, recorded, and (mostly) mixed and produced in under 5 hours in one day on December 6, 2016 from 11-4.

Angela played flute, acoustic piano, tambourine, and lap percussion.
Steve played guitar, tambourine, and backup lap percussion.
Both sang notes with their voices.

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Newest Placement


Dove Pilot’s song “On Fire” was placed in an episode of Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life.


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Vicious Kisses on Blue Bloods



Cool!  I have a song in Blue Bloods this week!

This was an exciting placement.  A show on a network with Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg!  Sweet!

I have no idea how the song will be used.  5 seconds or three minutes.  We shall see.

It’s fun to get paid to do something I love and would do ANYWAY.

And I really love this song.


You can also check out my IMDB page to see a partial list of my TV and film placement credits.

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Future Kings of Denmark – I Wanna Be Brave

Future Kings of Denmark Logo 2016

Steven Wesley Guiles has many outputs of music (see Dove Pilot, Friction Bailey, Pushstart Wagon).

Future Kings of Denmark is his latest journey into rock.  Enjoy the new single, I Wanna Be Brave.  Featuring the songwriting and production talents of Bamtone.

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Pulling Up The Covers

There are two covers I’m particularly proud of, one that Damien Jurado’s best friend’s sister’s tour manager’s third cousin really liked.

Here’s that one:


And this one with Friction Bailey, Joy and I’s folky Innocence Mission inspired project, that covered, of all things, an Innocence Mission song.


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